Consumer Affairs Committees

Consumer Affairs Committees support the mission of the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services by working to empower people with disabilities in making informed choices and achieving equal opportunity, meaningful employment, independent living,and economic and social self-sufficiency.

Consumer Affairs Committees plan and carry out a wide variety of activities in cooperation with community leaders in business, government, health care, education and others.

With local leadership, the volunteer committees work independently as concerned citizens. Consumer Affairs Committee membership is open to all persons desiring to participate, whether or not they are persons with disabilities. All committee members are volunteers, and all committee meetings are open to the public.

To maintain and strengthen this longstanding partnership, DRS provides guidance, information and other resources to committees statewide through its Consumer Affairs Office and District Offices.

The committees’ activities focus on a broad range of goals,including public awareness and support for the rights, individual dignity, personal responsibility, full inclusion, equal access, self-determination and community involvement of people with disabilities.

Volunteers in this important work are welcome!

For more information, and to get involved with a local committee, contact the DRS district office nearest you or our office.