Staffing assistance for your business

Co-workers meet on the job: one standing, one seated in a wheelchair.

DRS can help employers include people with disabilities in their workforce.

Hiring the right employee is extremely important to your business.

Business owners and employers can benefit from the following free DRS business solutions:

  • Recruitment: Are you looking for candidates to fill your vacant positions? Our Employment Specialists will match businesses with qualified job seekers from the DRS consumer database. Email your vacancy announcements directly to DRS staff for statewide or local distribution.
  • On-the-Job Training:  Funding is available to employers through DRS to assist with the costs associated with training a qualified job seeker from our consumer database. 
  • Job Try-Out Program: This no-cost trial work opportunity program is an opportunity for job-ready applicants to perform standard work requirements and display work skills for an employer.
  • Accessibility Assessments: Employee turnover is expensive. It is more cost-effective to keep an existing employee who develops or incurs a disability as part of your workforce by making a reasonable workplace accommodation. Employment Specialists can provide:
    • Job Analyses
    • Site Evaluations
    • Jobsite Accommodation Consultation
  • Placement Services Program:  DRS contracts with community vendors to provide services that assist employees become acclimated to or increase their ability to perform the duties of their job.  Contracted services may include situational assessments, job coaching, job retention, social skills training, job placement and long-term follow along services. 
  • Job Retention Services: A business may have a great employee whose work performance has changed due to gradual loss of hearing or vision, accident or illness, or any other physical or mental impairment that affects work performance. DRS can assess individual needs, assist with expenses for vocational rehabilitation and recommend workplace solutions to retain an employee who is at risk of losing his or her job because of a disability.