The rehabilitation process

Exploring training options

DRS can help consumers with vocational training or college assistance so they can prepare for employment.

We've assisted thousands of people over the years, each of them with unique talents and goals. Yet the process for everyone is essentially the same, and we can summarize it in eight steps.

  1. Application: The rehabilitation process begins with an application for services from DRS. The form is completed and an intake interview outlines the applicant's medical, social, financial, educational and vocational experiences. This is an opportunity for the counselor to begin understanding the applicant's abilities and interests so both may strive to meet the applicant's vocational rehabilitation needs.
  2. Assessment: Further assessment of the applicant's employment barriers is conducted when necessary to establish eligibility for services.
  3. Eligibility Determined.
  4. IPE Developed: The client works closely with a vocational rehabilitation counselor to develop an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE), describing the services the client needs to reach the employment goal.
  5. Employment Services Provided: All services are uniquely tailored to individual needs.
  6. Employment Secured: The goal is a job that fits the needs and abilities of the client.
  7. Follow-up: The vocational counselor communicates with the client to assure that no further services are needed.
  8. SUCCESS: Case closed.