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Are you a high school or a college student with a disability? DRS can assist students with disabilities, beginning at age 14, with your transition from school to the next stages of adult life. If you have limitations with learning, seeing, hearing, communicating, coping with stress, or participating in physical activities, you may be eligible for services from DRS.

DRS can help students with disabilities plan and prepare for your future. Assistance may include career exploration, vocational training, college financial assistance, employment, and more.

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High School

DRS can help you begin planning for your future. A DRS counselor will help you explore different jobs and careers that best match your strengths, abilities, and interests. With the right information and options, you can make informed choices to develop a plan for employment.

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College students with disabilities may be eligible for an array of support to help you prepare for employment and career opportunities. Financial help with college, assistive technology, and job search assistance are just some of the tools that may be available to bolster your success.

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Transition from School to Work

For students, transition is the term for the “bridge” between high school and adult life. Transition planning is the process of preparing for life after high school. DRS can help you make informed choices during your transition and assist you with future career plans.

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Find resources to help you transition to further education, employment, and independence.

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Find answers to several frequently asked questions to plan for your future.

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