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VocRehab Perspective

New in 2010, the agency's newsletter offers insight into current trends and events that influence West Virginia's vocational rehabilitation mission.

Annual Reports

In annual reports to the state Legislature and to the people of West Virginia, you will find significant detail about the services provided to taxpayers.

Public Service Announcement

National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2011

In recognition of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, radio stations throughout West Virginia aired a 60-second public service announcement in 2011 asking West Virginia residents to tell us how we might improve our services. Following is the complete transcript of that public service announcement. (To listen to it here, use the controls below.)

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, bringing attention to the valuable workforce contributions made by people with disabilities.

The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services assists eligible people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain or keep employment.

The Division of Rehabilitation Services is seeking your input.

Is a disability, or some type of physical or mental health condition, interfering with your ability to get or keep a job?

If so, what vocational rehabilitation services do you need most to help you address the disability-related barriers that are keeping you from getting or keeping a job? Are these services available to you in your community?

How can the Division of Rehabilitation Services improve to better serve all West Virginians with disabilities?

Your responses promote ongoing program improvements.

Your input is valued. Please visit or call 1-800-642-8207 to submit your input.

Sponsored by the West Virginia State Rehabilitation Council and the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services

With an ongoing Community Needs Survey, we continue to seek suggestions for improvement.

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