Get ready to work!

Michael counsels a student about career choices.
Michael, who once sought assistance from DRS, now works as a school counselor providing similar assistance to students.

The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) helps people with disabilities establish and reach their vocational goals. The primary goal for all DRS clients is to become productive working citizens.

Economic impact in West Virginia

During the most recent fiscal year, DRS provided vocational rehabilitation services to 6,326 West Virginia citizens. DRS helped 824 clients obtain employment in this fiscal year. When these individuals came to DRS, their estimated annual earnings totaled $14,229,904. After receiving vocational rehabilitation services, their total average earnings rose to $23,421,008. This amounts to a 65 percent increase in the total average earned income of these hard-working West Virginians, which demonstrates a significant return on investment.

Earnings increased 65 percent on average after FY2020 VR assistance
Earnings at application before VR assistance$14,229,904
Earnings after rehabilitation after VR assistance$23,421,008