What does DRS do?

The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) supports youth and adults with disabilities (ages 14 and up) on their path to work and live independently.

DRS provides vocational services to help individuals with disabilities prepare for, obtain, retain or advance in employment. Vocational rehabilitation counselors help consumers assess interests and abilities, explore career options and develop plans to reach their unique employment goals.

You may be eligible if you have difficulty with learning, hearing, seeing, communicating, participating in physical activities, or coping with stress.

If a disability affects your ability to learn or work, DRS may be able to help.

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Who Are You?

Make a Referral

We can help you get or keep a job. By answering a few basic questions, we will pair you with a local DRS representative to answer all your questions and connect you with available services. The information you provide on this referral form is not a formal application for services but will be used to have an initial conversation personalized to your unique situation. You can self-refer or make a referral for someone else.

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