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Gray minivan equipped with a ramp and other technology for a person in a wheelchair. The middle sliding doors are open with the wheelchair ramp lowered.

Rehabilitation Technology Services

DRS offers rehabilitation technology services that can help consumers prepare for and work more effectively and efficiently. DRS has a group of experienced engineers, computer specialists and environmental modification technicians who specialize in job accommodations, custom-designed assistive devices and product fabrication.

DRS can provide the following services to consumers to help them meet their employment goal:

Driver Rehabilitation

Certified driver rehabilitation specialists can provide:

  • Driver evaluations in a two-door or four-door sedan
  • Driver evaluations in a minivan or full-sized van for individuals with limited mobility
  • Driving equipment evaluations for hand controls and steering orthotics
  • Passenger evaluations for lifts, ramps and wheelchair lock-down mechanisms

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology helps our consumers perform specific tasks more efficiently by matching their needs with existing technology. DRS consultants travel to businesses, homes, schools and elsewhere in the community to provide evaluations, equipment setup, follow-up and training. Services include:

  • Computer access evaluations
  • Environmental control evaluations
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Adaptive equipment evaluations

Rehabilitation Engineering

Rehabilitation engineers design customized products and offer advice about removing physical barriers. Common applications include:

  • Workstation design
  • Reasonable accommodations and surveys of compliance with ADA accessibility guidelines
  • Product design and fabrication
  • Custom assistive devices for work, home and transportation

Environmental Modifications

Environmental modification technicians travel throughout the state, designing and installing adaptive equipment in the workplaces and homes of DRS. Their efforts enhance safety and independence. These services include:

  • Home assessment
  • Stair glide and porch lift installations
  • Ramp installations
  • Home modifications of bathrooms, kitchens, doorways and more