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What To Expect

DRS is here to support individuals with disabilities (ages 14 and up) on their path to work and live independently.

DRS assists people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, maintain or advance in employment. If you have limitations with learning, seeing, hearing, communicating, coping with stress, or participating in physical activities, you may be eligible for services from DRS.

Are you eligible?

To apply for services, you will meet with a vocational rehabilitation counselor who will help you identify your strengths and interests, as well as your work-related barriers.

During your initial meeting with a vocational rehabilitation counselor, the counselor will obtain information from you regarding your disability, medical, social, financial, educational and vocational experiences.

To be eligible:

  • You must have a disability and
  • Your disability must interfere with your ability to prepare for a job, get a job, or keep a job and
  • You require vocational rehabilitation services to become employed or to stay employed.

If you receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for your disability, you are presumed eligible for vocational rehabilitation services if you plan to become employed.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

You should bring the following materials to your first meeting with a DRS counselor:

  • State-issued identification card or Driver’s License
  • Medical insurance card and/or Medical card
  • Contact information (address and phone number) for a contact person
  • Social Security Card or another official document to verify your Social Security Number
  • Medical records related to your disability
  • Educational records
  • Social Security Disability Award Letter (if applicable)

If you do not have this information, do not let that stop you from applying for services. We will help you obtain any necessary information.

Is my relationship with DRS confidential?

DRS is required by law to maintain your confidentiality. All personal information provided by you, or any other source, is strictly confidential and won’t be released to anyone (other than your legal guardian, if applicable) without your written consent.

What is an Employment Plan?

After you have been determined eligible for services, the next step will be to develop an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) with your counselor.

You and your counselor will work together to develop a cooperative plan of action, called an IPE, which focuses on a specific job goal.

This plan is designed to answer four major questions:

  1. What is your job goal?
  2. What steps do you need to take to reach this goal?
  3. What services do you need to accomplish this goal?
  4. How will you know when you’ve accomplished those steps?

All of these details will be outlined in your IPE, including your employment goal and the services you need to reach your goal.