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The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) coordinates a comprehensive employer services program. DRS can help West Virginia’s businesses and employers to include or to retain people with disabilities in their workforce and to find solutions to disability-related issues.

DRS operates the federal/state vocational rehabilitation program, which helps high school students and adults with disabilities, ages 14 and up, set work goals and develop career plans to overcome employment-related barriers so they can go to work or maintain current employment. Through the vocational rehabilitation program, DRS provides a variety of services to eligible consumers to aid them in addressing disability-related barriers so they can meet their employment goals. Consumer services can include things like vocational training, college assistance, and direct placement into a job.

Finding qualified and dependable employees is one of the greatest challenges many business leaders face. DRS can help your business diversify its workforce. People with disabilities have the talents, skills and abilities you need. They are dependable, enthusiastic and some of the most loyal employees you will find.

How can DRS help my business?

Through the Employer Services program, DRS employment specialists help employers with recruitment, placement and retention services. DRS can provide:

Why should my business work with DRS?

  • DRS services are free to employers.
  • DRS gets to know your company or business.
  • DRS can recruit qualified job candidates.
  • DRS can provide disability awareness training.
  • DRS can provide tax incentive guidance.
  • DRS can help with job training and retention.
  • DRS has staff who are highly trained in best practices for services for individuals with disabilities.
  • Partnering with DRS is a great way for employers to work with high school students with disabilities in career exploration and preparation.

For DRS, serving our consumers is the primary focus of everything we do.

  • DRS is dedicated to the hiring, advancement and economic self-sufficiency of individuals with disabilities.
  • DRS specializes in recruitment and retention strategies.
  • DRS partners with community employers that strive to promote diversity in the workplace.